Main Projects Ongoing

Description of the projects (objectives and interventions):

Under the EIF, Vanuatu is starting implementation of a Tier 1 project in support of their National Implementation Arrangements (NIAs). Under the Integrated Framework (IF), Vanuatu benefited from one Window II project to provide legislative assistance to the Department of Customs to review the customs duties Act and related legislation, and to have a comprehensive update of the Act; support to WTO accession process; and entrepreneurship training to cooperatives. The National Implementation Unit (NIU) (and now the Trade Development Division) was also established in 2007 under the IF Window II project.

Main progresses to date:

Vanuatu validated a Mainstreaming Trade Roadmap in 2011, a process supported by the EIF and UNDP. The Roadmap has subsequently been adopted by the Council of Ministers and contributed to the vision and basis for the Trade Policy Framework (TPF) as well as their Tier 1 project. The Roadmap has been a key input into Vanuatu's Trade Policy Framework, adopted in 2012. It takes forward the diagnostics from the DTIS and other studies, together with the Trade Mainstreaming Roadmap – financed through the EIF and implemented by UNDP – to provide economic development guidance.

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