• Trade Mainstreaming

    Trade Mainstreaming

    Successful trade development depends on a broad set of government agencies, the private sector and donor partners working effectively together.

    When trade priorities inform the decision-making process of all key actors, trade is said to be mainstreamed.

    The Vanuatu Trade Mainstreaming Agenda promotes trade development through a sector-wide policy, a well-defined governance structure; and development cooperation

  • Policy


    coordinating the drafting and monitoring of the Vanuatu’s Trade Policy Framework (TPF), and providing advice on trade-related issues for other policy documents

  • Institutional


    functioning as the Secretariat to the Vanuatu National Trade Development Committee (NTDC)

  • Development Cooperation

    Development Cooperation

    securing funding for and managing AfT projects which are aligned with the TPF on behalf of the MTTCNVB, as well as supporting other line agencies to secure AfT

Trade Mainstreaming Pillars



The Vanuatu Trade Policy Framework provides sector-wide recommendations on trade development


The National Trade Development Committee (NTDC) consists of the government agencies with responsibility for trade, the private sector, the civil society and the donor partners as observers. The NTDC monitors the implementation of the Vanuatu Trade Policy Framework and coordinate with other trade-related policies
Development Cooperation

Development Cooperation

Donor funding is negotiated for Vanuatu’s trade development priorities

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